About Bearcloud

Our first Maine Coon, Caesar, came to stay with us in 1995, and our original cattery name, DK Castle Rock, was registered with FIFe in 1997. 11 years later, we registered our new cattery name in TICA and CFA, but the people and the cats remain the same. All our present breeding cats are registered in TICA, most are registered in CFA as well, and we are full Breeder Members of The Maine Coon Breeders And Fanciers’ Association.

Since our beginnings, we have had a lot of help from some of the established breeders here who patiently answered all our questions and gave their advice freely. Without their continuing mentoring I don’t know where we’d ended up, and our thanks go to them today as they still help us with all sorts of trivia. Thanks, guys, you know who you are, and we love you!

We breed most colours, including the silver varieties. We love brown tabbies, torbies, reds, blues, solids – well, we love Maine Coons! Typewise we breed for a medium-to-feral expression. Health and temperament are top priorities, and we do our best to produce healthy, happy, fearless and well-socialized kittens. Our kittens are raised underfoot with lots of love, spending the first few weeks in our bedroom, and when they get a little older, they get the run of the entire house. They stay home at least until the age of 14-16 weeks, and sometimes longer, if we need to evaluate their show potential. We place our kittens indoors or with a safe outdoor run only, because we strongly believe it’s better to be “inside and fat, than outside and flat”!

MtKittery Yuma, white Maine CoonAll pet kittens or cats from Bearcloud cattery are neutered and come with a TICA registration, a written sales agreement, a health certificate, microchip ID and a vaccination certificates for their shots against Panleukopenia and Rhinotracheitis. Additionally, kittens going abroad are innoculated against Rabies and have their own Pet Passport. We screen our cats for inherited heart disease with the currently available tools. This is no guarantee that our cats and kittens can never be affected, but it’s one way to hopefully help bring down the numbers of affected cats. Ever since the genetic test for the cMyBPC3-mutation became available, we have been breeding only negative animals.

Our cats have unrestricted access to all rooms, as well as an enclosed outdoor run. They are our friends, and participate eagerly in almost all our daily activities. They love to ‘help’ us tidy up the place, to ‘help’ us prepare their food, to ‘help’ us work by the computer, to ‘help’ us with gardening, to be with us when we watch TV, and so on. They are very social and friendly animals, with somewhat dog-like dispositions.

Breeding and showing cats is our hobby, taking up much of our spare time. However, we still treasure the time we spend at home with our beloved cats more than the show time. We feel that the cats’ major task is ruling us and the household…and they do it very well.

We sell kittens only to approved homes. We therefore encourage our prospective buyers to tell us about themselves. Relevant questions may be if the buyer has ever owned a cat, if there are other cats or pets in the household, if there are small children in the household, if the cat is to be home alone for most of the day and if the ambition is to show and/or breed or simply to aquire a beautiful pet. Please understand that we ask all these questions to secure our kittens good homes, and to this end we also require that new owners sign our sales contract. In the end, this serves both the buyer, the seller and – not least – the cat the best.