We have kittens! Finally! Born early January 2015 to RW SGC Bearcloud Midnight Madness (Mads) and Bearcloud Yippie Ki-Yay (Yippie), we have two male kittens, a black smoke and a brown tabby. Click here for the Pawpeds pedigree. We think they both look promising, and we really enjoy their antics:

dentaku_lilleBearcloud Erase/Rewind, black smoke male @ almost 10 weeks


boing_lilleBearcloud Lovefool, brown tabby male @ almost 10 weeks

Some notes on buying a kitten

We get a number of inquiries from foreign kitten buyers, mostly requesting breeder/show quality kittens. Thank you all, we’re proud and honoured that you like our cats and kittens. Though we sell most of our kittens domestically as family pets or show alters, we do sell occasional kittens abroad. However, there’s a lot of things we’d like to know about you, if you would like to be considered for one of our kittens. If you e-mail us, please introduce yourself. The more you tell us, the less we’ll have to ask. Also, there are some things you should know before contacting us, regardless if you wish for a pet, a show cat or a breeder:

1. We do not allow outside cats without a secure run, and we do not allow cats living as single pets. Yes, this goes for pet cats, too.

3. We do not ship our cats in cargo, so if you live far away, we’ll refer you to another breeder closer to you, or we’ll look into travel arrangements.

4. You’re very welcome to call us at +45 21431608 for a cat chat. However, place your calls between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. CET only, please. Alternatively, send a text or mail us at

5. We speak, read and write Danish and English. While we do understand a little of many other languages, please don’t expect us to be able to reply to you in German, Spanish, Russian or other foreign languages. We wish we could, but we can’t.

6. We’ve given up keeping a waiting list – we try to match each kitten with the right buyer, which means that some people will wait a long time for the right kitten, while others won’t have to wait as long. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us, and we’ll talk about the possibilities. But please don’t expect us to have a kitten for you right away, and please understand that you will be expected to maintain contact, if you’re seriously interested in a kitten.